As todayís business world moves into the paperless domain of digital business processes, data security becomes the lifeline of a company.Alap Communication network infrastructure is created from bottom up to accommodate rock solid security concern. All data traversing our wireless network is encrypted by default with 128-bit encryption scheme. On top of our network traffic encryption we provide End-To-End secure data communication through our state of the art VPN solution. Our VPN solutions can enable your employees, customers, business partners, and suppliers to collaborate securely and cost effectively. We integrate VPN hardware and software with the management and support your need for a complete, end-to-end solution.

Alap's industry-leading security that's virtually everywhere

State of the art Hardware (ASIC) based Firewall and VPN. 10 concurrent IPSec VPN tunnel and the choice of 10, 20, 50 or Unlimited node configurations (IPSec VPN ensures data security to our corporate clients). Complete Anti-Virus, Internet Content Filtering and Rapid Email Attachment Blocking all-in-one solution. Enterprise-class firewall protection with ICSA-certified, stateful packet inspection technology.

Alapís VPN (Virtual Personal Network) solutions help:

Companies establish centralized control over branch offices with point-of-sale (POS) locations.

Provide the remote robust security and performance needed for business continuance. Enable secure,

high-speed communications between multiple locations.


CPE-based IP VPN

CPE-based IP VPN With the use of latest technology, Alap's Solution allows you to create an efficient and integrated platform to streamline your business communications. Data are encrypted securely from your premises to the distant end as your business might demand.

AlapCom CPE-based IP VPN offers:

Support for intranets, extranets, and remote access network applications.

Integrated VPN devices with support for VPN, firewall, and routing capabilities.

Premise-to-premise encryption.

Network-based IP VPN

IP Service switches at network access points are used to encrypt data, taking full responsibility for management and maintenance of the system.

  AlapCom Network-based IP VPN offers:

Support for intranets, extranets and remote access network applications.

Integrated network-based firewalls.

Network-edge to network-edge encryption.

Hybrid networking capabilities to support the migration or integration of AlapCom’s IP-based networks with third party’s Frame Relay and ATM services.

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