Alap Communication Ltd. (AlapCom) is one of the country’s emerging telecom infrastructure facilitator capably equipped to meet the challenges of rapidly changing technology and dynamic environment in today’s telecom industry.

Alap Communication’s basic mission is to provide cutting edge scalable infrastructure & services to telecom operators in Bangladesh, offering full custom solutions in network design & implementation, systems engineering and wireless design and development.

Our Goal

  • RF Engineering
  • Drive Testing & Optimization
  • Implementation
  • Operation & Maintenance

RF Engineering

AlapCom provides a complete range of RF engineering services to telecom operators and manufacturers involving:

  • Propagation Modeling
  • Nominal Cell Plan based on agreed technical specifications
  • Frequency Planning and Support on technical issues relating to spectrum allocation.

Planning Tools

AlapCom follows international standard RF engineering procedure, currently using deciBel Planner suite for RF planning. Our engineers are well versed in planning tools like PlaNET, deciBel Planner Suite, TEMS CellPlanner, TOTEM Suite, ASTRIX.

Map Data

AlapCom has 20m resolution map data of Dhaka city and its adjacent areas. It continuously updates the custom building data into the terrain map.

Planned Network

Using the deciBel Planner tool, AlapCom has strategically located its backbone base stations to ensure universal coverage to the customers.

Drive Testing & Optimization

Alap’s highly experienced RF engineers are adept in drive testing and finding network’s quality problems by frequency sweeping and identifying interference from other sources and providing necessary solution to correct them.

Drive Testing Tools

Alap uses Advantest’s Spectrum Analyzer as well as AVCOM portable Spectrum Analyzer to deal withy frequency sweeping and finding outside interference in network. Our engineers are expert with drive test tools like TEMS, SAFCO.


AlapCom’s installation team, which has global exposure, efficiently carries out Installation & Commissioning of telecom projects, which involve:

  • Site preparation
  • Equipment installation
  • Project Management
  • Commissioning & Integration

Alap’s engineers are experienced in installing BTSs., MW Links, aligning the MW as well as commissioning and Integrating BTS and MW.

Operation & Maintenance

AlapCom has extensive system integration and BTS, MW maintenance capability, which involves:

  • Monitoring of System Alarms
  • BTS maintenance
  • MW maintenance
  • Power related maintenance
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